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Sukihana Good Cat Tour Kick Off in Atlanta

Updated: Oct 18

October 11th was definitely a humpday to remember in Atlanta. As if The Bank isn't jumping on any given day of the week; but you add my girl Suki and you know we outside is then an understatement! Sukihana's Good Cat Tour made its debut in Atlanta and had the city going up on a Wednesday. It was hosted by , Kansas City's own DMario Gray , he took his hosting talents All the way to the A to turn the stage up , and that’s exactly what he did . The doors for media opened at 6pm and talent started touching the stage by 7pm. What I thought was a concert turned out to be a showcase that reminded me of SXSW in Austin. I seen performers from Chicago to Canada and everyone supported everyone. The artist who opened up were eclectic and versatile. From start to finish, each act jumped up and down, and the crowd vibed along to everyone’s hits. The audience loved every song, and it shows how the promoters chose true performers. The atmosphere in the bank was fantastic, and the sound quality and many flat screen tvs added to the whole experience. We left the concert feeling excited.

The concert was the best I have been to; Suki, TRell, Big Boogie, Skooly, Derez De’Shon all connected and engaged with the audience throughout each performance . If you get the chance, go to see Sukihana live as you will be blown away by her incredible stage presence.

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